By examining alternative and innovative materials, we continue to improve our material selection.

Aside from being 100% recyclable, all plastic materials have been removed from our packaging. This was an important pillar in our material selection as paper decomposes and thereby poses a lower risk to wildlife and the environment.

In the early stages of our product development, we investigated alternative materials and solutions to ensure a smaller impact on the environment. For instance, the base of our Bold collection cases consists of 100% recycled PC plastic. In 2022, we also implemented sustainable materials in our Thin collection, which now consists of 100% recycled PC plastic. Our latest drop, the Form case consists of 30% recycled materials, including TPU Plastic which we are aiming to increase to 100% by 2023.

In 2021 we looked into designing a wallet that aligns with our sustainability goals. We decided to end the production of our leather wallets and switched the material to vegan leather. With that being said, we no longer have any animal products in our products.

Bold Collection