iPhone 14 Plus cases

iPhone 14 Plus cases from Nudient step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, fearlessly expressing yourself however you choose.

iPhone 14 Plus cases

iPhone 14 Plus Cases

Want your phone to be protected but still a reflection of your style and taste? Nudient's iPhone 14 Plus cases are exactly what you need.

Stylish iPhone 14 Plus Cases By Nudient

Nudient iPhone protective cases don't just do the job - they do so with effortless style and elegance. From bold patterns and popping colours, to soft pastels, neutrals and spring palettes, there isn't a colour or look that isn't available to suit your mood. In fact, why not get one in every vibe?

iPhone 14 Plus Phone Case is Next Level

iPhone protective cases are not only designed with purpose and passion, but they are also sustainable, making sure you can take your selfie with a guilt-free conscience. Made from 100% recycled PC plastic, the iPhone 14 Plus phone case has a sturdy frame comprised of tough aluminium, a silicon outer that allows for the smoothest of grips and a soft microfibre lining to keep your precious possession scratch and dust-free. We even promise that not only will your delivery be quick, but your packaging will be fully recyclable. Slippery fingers? Our covers are drop-proof and have the convenience of being wireless charging compatible. They are ready to go whenever you are.

Design Executed with Excellence

Nudient has employed the best iPhone 14 Plus cover designer out there - Jesper Ståhl. His vision for the iPhone 14 Plus cover is one of visual understanding and curiosity about how to make something that is simple yet functional and most of all, protective. This designer iPhone 14 Plus cover is Swedish, and noted for its distinctive Scandinavian style and object embedding narrative. In these iPhone 14 Plus cases, you can see his particular focus on even the tiniest details, and concern for the customer's experience, not to mention his own take on the final product a personal twist in the end result. The core mission of the company is sustainability, and that is kept in mind from design to execution, with no compromise on variety and feel. These cases, as well as the mobile accessories, are created to be enjoyed whilst being used.