The crucial parts determining our environmental footprint are highlighted by reviewing all phases of the product development process.

Design/ Engineering

Before we put another product into the world we always ask ourselves “Why?” A new product should add positively to the product portfolio. It can be a new function, produced in a more sustainable way or it can challenge current norms in material selection. Our products should have a purpose that goes further than being decorative. We want to meet user needs in an innovative way.

Even at an early stage of product development, long term costs are determined. To minimize the amount of materials and to consider alternative materials that are renewable and/or recycled are crucial during these early parts of the development. That is why we always consider these questions early on in the process.


We are always looking towards improving the production stage: This involves which materials we use (moving towards using 100% recycled PC plastic in all products). We are also considering which type of transportation we use to ship our products, with a high focus on increasing the percentage of products shipped by sea. Our packaging is always recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable.


Our products are developed to protect more valuable objects: such as the iPhone. During the use phase it is crucial that our products do this well - to avoid the need of buying new technology. Furthermore, it is of high importance that the assortment adapts to changing requirements from our customers by adjusting the design to new models and functions.


All of our packaging is made from renewable, recycled materials. The packaging is plastic free and recyclable.
We are always working on a model for circularity at NUDIENT. One of our biggest goals is to create a sustainable loop, when our customers are done using our products.

Thin Collection