At NUDIENT, we believe that sustainability efforts should permeate the entire company. Behind every decision we make, from the type of office supplies we purchase to what shipping options we offer our customers, embracing a low emission future is something we strongly prioritize.

The methodology we follow consists of three pillars that emerge across all departments.

1. Transparency: Making our impact visible

By tracing our day to day operations we can measure and pinpoint our biggest sources of emission. By doing so we have a clear insight into what areas we can improve in and further develop for a greener tomorrow. An example of transparency at NUDIENT includes following the environmental footprint of our products from start to finish.

2. Energy and resource efficiency

Based on the previous metrics, our next step is to ensure we set up clear goals on how to effectively optimize our energy and resource efficiency. For instance, by altering the material selection for the Thin case from 0 to 100% recycled plastic in 2022, we have reduced our carbon impact.

3. Giving back to the community

While we’re currently working towards making improvements in the areas mentioned above, we see equal value in external initiatives. We’re therefore introducing a collaboration with #tide ocean material® who will help us pick up one plastic bottle from the ocean for every case sold.

Thin Collection